Saturday, August 16, 2008

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth...

...not yet, anyway.

So as my face is about to hit the keyboard with exhaustion, I thought I better blog to my fellow bloggers and let you all know YES, I AM STILL ALIVE.

Approximately one week's be exact--three days ago I was doing well. My syllabi were finished, perfected, and were giving off a slight glow from my bedside in deep anticipation to make their debut in two weeks.

But then IT happened. As I was smiling and skipping around in a nonstressful manner at my place of PT employment, my phone rang.

"Hi Kayla this is 'Satellite-Campus-LU-I'm-10-Minutes-From-Your-House,' would you like to teach 3 courses for us this fall?"

For a brief moment, I stopped and thought you SOB...I've WAITED for you to call all summer, and now I'm traveling hours way just to teach!! But then she said something that I couldn't refuse:

"For some reason 'Satellite LU Main Campus' didn't send us down your resume until now, and you're EXACTLY what we're looking for with you being so close. Actually, if you're interested, and if you can help us out in this dire need this will get first priority of classes from here on out until you decide you don't want to teach here anymore. I can promise you four classes every semester and two or three in the summer."

And that's where I gave in.

Prayers have been answered. I can barely afford to drive the distances I'm driving just to gain experience--but as someone wise once said, "Welcome to the temporary adjunct part of your career."

When it comes down to it, I realized that I need to do what I need to do. So here I am: a first year teacher who is about to embark on a 7 course load semester. Is it going to suck? YES! But once I get through these 15 weeks, I'll be so excited to be driving only 10 minutes away next semester.

And besides...I'm resilient (at least that's what I've been told time and time again). And I figure, if I can complete a full Master's program in 3 semesters, and also work a job for 10 months where I was working nearly 70 hours a week....hmmm I can do this. Right? (And this is where I need excessive amounts of encouragement).

However, on a completely different do I handle teaching someone I graduated high school with and have hung out with multiple amounts of time? I'm finding this situation soooo weirddddd.....


Michael5000 said...

Holy Cow. Seven classes. Is it going to suck? You have no idea. But it will be highly educational for all involved. I hope this is not seven separate preps?

Teaching someone you know can be kind of fun, as long as the person in the student half of the relationship gives a good solid effort...

Rhetorical Twist said...

Oh my, dearest Doc Hoc. Well, hmm. Never having taught such a load, I can't really give any advice related to that. However, I would say that the best thing to do is carefully schedule your entire week, including free time for yourself. Block everything off and try to stick to it.

Are you *sure* that you can't get out of even one of the classes at another campus?

DocHoc said...

NO, definitely not seven seperate preps. I would never have agreed to that journey. Four of the courses are the same Comp. level, and two other are the same Comp. level...leaving one course completely different. So while I have to adjust readings and a few things according to the colleges wants, I can widely criss cross information between the courses.

I thought about dropping a course or two at another college, but with being only a week away from starting, and having already signed the contracts I don't want to burn any bridges. It's my first semester teaching and I don't want anything negative on my name already, ya know?

I've spoken to Dr. Mother Bear and she said I can definitely do this (knowing my work ethic and all). And you already read my mind, Rhet., my weeks are going to be completely planned to the "T" with a set schedule.

Rhetorical Twist said...

Ah okay. I didn't realize that you had already signed the contracts. In that case, yeah, it's a good idea not to burn any bridges.

You'll be fine, and you know we are always here if you need to scream. :-)

DocHoc said...

Oh Rhet...there will be many screaming moments. Be prepared! LOL.

You'd laugh, though. I'm planning to live out of my car to make it a little easier on myself. So I have a completely organized set-up in my trunk: a suitcase with daily essentials, and my self-made filing cabinet with all my classwork and books :D

Rhetorical Twist said...

Oh, so you're all set then!

Teacher Poet said...

A suitcase in the trunk? I should have thought of that! Do you think Mrs. Awesome Assistant will let me sleep in the Eng. Dept. office? ;-)

Your schedule sounds like a lot, but if you talked to Dr. Mother Bear and she okay-ed it, then I'm confident you will be able to pull it off. She knows you well and knows about teaching. I think we should consider penciling in a day over the winter break when the four of us can get together in person. What do you think?

Doc, did you tell our fearless leader (from the WC) about this blog?

DocHoc said...

Oh yes, a suitcase and a portable filing cabinet! Seriously, I'm doing so much traveling that it's only going to help, haha.

Thanks for your confidence and support, Teacher Poet. Even though I know I can do this, as a first semester doubts still sneak in, so hearing support from my friends reaaaaaaallllly helps!

And I'm DEFINITELY up for a date over winter break. Count me in!

No I haven't talked to the Fearless Leader about the blog. I wasn't sure if someone already invited her or not. I don't know how to invite people--can you invite her??

Teacher Poet said...

Hmm. As far as "inviting" readers to the blog, I'm not as blogger-tech-savvy as Dr. Rhetorical Action. I just send a link. I mean, Fearless Leader knows us personally so there's no worries! Right? Right?! ;-)

Michael5000 said...

With three preps, this is surviveable. It will be one of those searing, formative experiences that you are stronger for having gone through. Like boot camp! What a lark! What a plunge!

DocHoc said...

Haha Michael, I was thinking the same thing. Nothing like doing the major plunge my first semester of teaching.

Come next semester when the majority of my teaching will be 10 minutes away, it will seem like a piece of cake!

Thanks for your support and encouragment!