Friday, August 29, 2008

Favorite Conversation of the First Week

Scene: Satellite L, ENG 100, Computer Lab.
The students are about to embark on an in-class writing sample.

Me: Ok everyone, let me know if you have any questions.

*glances over to Student's computer*

Me: Student, no myspace--turn that off.

Student: But Prof. Dochoc I need to listen to music to write. It helps me flooooowww *makes gangsta "flow" motion*

Me: I understand, but not when you're in a classroom with others who need silence.

Student: Oh no no Prof. Dochoc, it's ok! Really! I already talked to the people next to me...they don't mind.

Me: Student...turn it off.

Student: *reluctant sigh with a slight grin* Ok Prof. Dochoc....


Michael5000 said...

In his or her defense, music helps me flooooowww too.

(Actually, I just wanted to say "floooowww.")

DocHoc said...

I hope you did the *gangsta* hand motion with it too :D