Sunday, August 10, 2008

Contributors: We Are Distinctly Four

An intriguing conspiracy theory was just brought to my attention. (Okay, so maybe "conspiracy theory" is an exaggeration.) I was asked if ARC was just the work of one person writing under different names.

The answer is, no way! This blog does indeed have four separate contributors. DocHoc, Lady Audley, Rhetorical Twist, and myself are different people. We do happen to be good friends and so shared interests, ideas, and pedagogical approaches may reveal themselves in our posts.

I hope that, over time, readers will come to know our differences more clearly and feel free to share in the community we've created here. Join the dialog! We're just starting out and the conversation could use more voices.

Thanks for reading,
Teacher Poet

P.S. Teacher Poet is eagerly anticipating posts on how the refrigerator died and killed all the veggies; that lingering unpleasant odor in the new flat; sketchy wireless; explorations in the new surroundings of City U. and Cornfield U.; more on the syllabus from Doc Hoc and Rhetorical Twist; and the promised bit about plagiarism from Rhet.


Lady Audley said...

I'm being confused with a *compositionist*? Oh, the horror!


I will be posting more, and soon, to help clear up this controversy.

Rhetorical Twist said...

You should be *honored* you are being confused with a compositionist! HONORED, darn it!

Teacher Poet said...

Lady Audley, I miss you!

DocHoc said...

And *WHAT*, my dear Lady Audley, is wrong with a COMPOSITIONIST? Hmmm?? Hmmmm?? HMMMMM?

I think you're confusing horror with HONOR and PRIDE :D


Michael5000 said...

I am willing to stipulate, for the time being and unless evidence accumulates to the contrary, that there are four separate, more or less autonomous people in the academy. But I'm kind of bummed at how you trashed my awesome conspiracy* theory.

*technically, it was a lack-of-conspiracy theory.

Teacher Poet said...

Trashed your awesome theory? Ahh, that wasn't my intention!

Michael5000 said...

It is just, just possible that my awesome theory ran into some trouble with the facts. Happens sometimes with theories. It's a messy business.