Saturday, September 27, 2008

Important Academic and Life Concerning Announcement:

Today (Sunday, September 28, 2008)
is the first day in
that I don't have to
grade a

I feel a breath of life returning; let the 24 hour celebration begin before receiving more papers on Monday!


Michael5000 said...

I haven't graded a paper in eight years.

Sometimes I miss it a little...

Rhetorical Twist said...

It can actually be quite fun, I agree. And rewarding.

But sometimes I feel like Doc Hoc :-)

DocHoc said...

I've discovered that grading paper is my favorite part of the teaching gig; however, when I have to grade an average of 150 papers on a weekly basis--not so much.

Have I mentioned that I can't wait for this semester to end? :P

Hope all is well out there in college and teaching land!