Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I've had more work than time lately, but everyone needs a little procrastination now and again. In that spirit, here are a few spooky internet things for Halloween...

A virtual video of Edgar Allen Poe reciting "The Raven":

A choose-your-own-adventure zombie movie:

And, most terrifying of all:

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Rhetorical Twist said...

Oh God. That last one was indeed the scariest of all. Holy $%&#! Shall we count the logical fallacies in that video? No, there are too many. I should give it to my students to analyze :-p

(And that raven we found in the fun green store thingy with all the plants and the expensive imported table cloths in Chicago (yeah, that one, you know) was so much cooler than even Poe. No, wait. If he had one of them ravens on his shoulder, *that* would have been better. Tee hee).